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From Mineral Springs to Mountain Peaks: The Resilient Spirit of Oliver Springs

Welcome to the remarkable story of Oliver Springs, a town nestled in the Appalachian foothills with over 200 years of vibrant history. Our journey begins in 1821, when settlers, drawn to the area's famed mineral springs, established a community that would grow into the town we love today. The mineral springs, known to the Cherokee as "Tah-hah-lehaha" (healing waters), were a beacon to those seeking rest and rejuvenation. This fascinating history of therapeutic tourism took shape under the influence of Richard Oliver, our first postmaster, whose name our town carries with pride. In the 1830s, Oliver built a 35-room inn, promoting the springs' reputed medicinal properties and marking Oliver Springs as a sanctuary of wellness. Our narrative took a thrilling turn in the late 19th century when the Oliver Springs Hotel, a grand 150-room resort, made our town a nationally recognized retreat. The arrival of the railroad opened new pathways for visitors, propelling Oliver Spri

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Unveiling Oliver Springs: A Journey through our Rich History